Driftwood Cemetery Association

The Driftwood Cemetery is a major component of the Driftwood community’s heritage. It is the final resting place of many who settled here, established the Driftwood community, and gave it the reputation and dignity it enjoys today. Current residents are beneficiaries of the visions and labors of those individuals who preceded us and spent their lives here following their dreams.The Driftwood Cemetery is one of their notable monuments.

The Driftwood Cemetery Association is a legacy left by our predecessors. It was organized in the 1940s and has served to preserve the memory of those individuals who had a part informing and advancing the community. Every grateful and respectful community strives to preserve the memories of its former residents by caring for its local cemetery and maintaining the heritage handed down by its fore fathers and mothers. That is the continuing mission of the Driftwood Cemetery Association.

If you live in the Driftwood community, are active in any of its civic programs, or have close family relations buried in the Driftwood Cemetery, you are invited and encouraged to become active in the Driftwood Cemetery Association. The Association has plans for further development of the Driftwood Cemetery and needs your help in finalizing and completing those plans and with the ongoing care and preservation of this very important part of Driftwood’s heritage. The current members of the Association urge you to become active in the Association and join them in taking pride in the Driftwood Cemetery.